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WMUH5PJNN4Fixed a problem where the C API function "NSFIsNewBackupNeeded()" would return
ERR_RM_RECOVER_NONBACKUP - "The database has not been backed up on...
VMAA5XMQJWWhen editing an agent in Notes/Domino 6.x, if the agent has been modified by a 7.0 client, you will be prompted with an alert that your changes may...
BKOH5UGH3GFixed a problem where an embedded view using a single category became empty. Pressing F9 will display the view correctly.
BKOH5X4EKCSome Microsoft Visual Basic language applications built using the Notes' 5.x COM interfaces for backend classes would not run properly without...
BMUN5VTRP4Fixed the ability to set the Style Property in a RichTextTable class.
FBEE5RFRGTFixed @Command([AddBookmark]) to work for non-notes urls.
MVRS3U2NJNFixed a problem where the convert task would not replace the design of a mail file if updating the design would push the file over its quota. Also...
MKIN5XNQ7XFixed a DIIOP crash in "ANSession::ANSFindOrCreateDBNoClean" when dbname is null.
MKIN5XETBBFixed RTItem's append method when appending an empty string.
NBRR5XUMQXFixed a crash caused by an agent accessing "NotesMIMEEntity" when Content-Language header was present.
JBAS5WHMEXIncorporate LotusScript PVCS Revision Numbers to help with future version control.
JDOG5WHKLXFixed a problem where the frontend class NotesUIWorkspace.EditDocument() may fail under certain circumstances. An error of either "User defined" or...
GPKS5XZJXEOpenDatabaseByReplicaID with a null noteID no longer hangs the system, but returns an invalid id error instead.
GFLY5PSGNPFor clarity, changed the prompt text when inserting a Subform.
GFLY64EMT5The routine which prints the note-link information in nsf_dump printed the View component twice instead of the Note information. This problem has...
JGON5XNUKZFixed a crash that can occur when a Lotuscript agent tries to process a rich text item without a name.
MCHG5LG8ZFThis fix makes the Alias name, not the Display name, stored in the field if saving under a different locale.
RBEE5WNMG9A different technique was used for long lists and short lists. The long list version was very recursive and slow, so using the short list version...
TGUZ5VBQNGFix for a memory leak when passing strings from Java back to LotusScript, which had caused LS2J Error: Threw...
DVER5LGQXRDatabase.fixup() argument constants now match the LotusScript equivalents.
CDBS649HN5Fixed the error message, 600, which was displayed in unreadable characters.
KSPR62F4KNFixed a buffer overflow that caused Notes crash. See technote #1173910 for more details.
ARUI5Z7H7CFixed a sporadic crash with the ECL dialog, when text in the dialog contains a "%" sign.
MKIN64PKM5Fixed a crash in DXLExportNote when translating an OLE object to XML.
JGON5ZXSHVThis fix will stop a leak in the JVM when using RMI (Remote Method Invocation).
JGON5PNMM8Previous choices are not retained after pasting into a dialog field. This problem occurs if the field uses a view dialog for choices. This...
BHIR5MYVA4Fixed a problem where the LotusScript NotesDatabase.PercentUsed property returned invalid values if the database was over 2 GB in...
GPKS5VUCX6This fix allows the focus to move away from the embedded view in a dialog. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
GPKS5XVC3JFixed a problem where radio buttons were not visible after a database was moved to another ND6 server.


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